Vegetables you should grow in your backyard

A small growth area is something that many people choose as an excuse not to grow their plants. A small garden can be an issue if you want to grow flowers as they will be clustered and unattractive to look at. But growing vegetables is something else.

If you want to grow veggies in a small area, then you will have to choose crops that will provide a lot of products. Now, you can opt for diversity and grow a bit of everything, but that won’t give you enough to enjoy the products of your work. Now, crops we will list here yield a lot even if they are confined in a small area so you should think about growing one of them.

Vertically grown vegetables you should plant

Cucumbers are incredibly adaptive plants that yield a lot of produce. If you leave them on their own, then they will sprawl on the ground, and that won’t give you tasty products. Cucumbers can grow in any direction you want and thus it’s smart to give them something that they can use to grow vertically.

Cucumbers will save you a lot of space in the garden for other plants and they are excellent for various salads. Pickled cucumbers are also great as they can be stored and then used whenever you want.

Tomatoes are also crops that have large yield and are perfect for a small garden. This is a versatile crop that is used in a plethora of recipes, and every garden should grow it. There are dozens of types of tomato, and it’s up to you to decide which one you want to plant. You can choose Ox heart if you plan on making ketchup and different types of sauces or you can go for Cherry tomatoes if you want a beautiful ingredients for a salad.

Many root vegetables are an excellent addition to your small garden. Their crop is underground, and thus you can combine them with veggies that grow up towards the sky. Another great thing about root veggies is that they yield a lot of produce in a small area. Beets should be at the top of your “to plant list.” They offer two types of products. First, there are beet greens, which are a perfect addition to any salad, and later you get the actual beets.

If you aren’t a fan of beets, then think about planting radishes. Radishes need only 45 days to grow, and thus this gives you free space where you can either plant more radishes or some other crops.

Herbs – A must have garden addition

You will have to leave enough space for plants to grow. But this doesn’t mean that you should leave that space empty. The area between crops is excellent for growing herbs. This means that you will be able to add fresh herbs to every meal and that will increase the quality of dining. Just check what kind of herb works well with veggies you planted, and you are ready to create a perfect garden.