Gardening And Landscaping For Beginners

To be clear

Never gardened before? Thinking about it for a long time now and decided to make a dream come true? No problem, at first it may seem like an enormous thing but just needs a little time and will for a start.

Just to make it all clear at the beginning you should know the difference between gardening and landscaping.

Landscaping and gardening both focus on maintaining and cultivating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. However, the difference is quite definite. Landscaping involves creating a plan for an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area with the use of trees, flowers, grasses, and plants in combination with hardpoint elements like rocks, stones, fences and water features.

Pick your gardenGardening, on the other hand, is similar but mainly focuses on cultivating flowers or plants within a space. Landscaping provides a much greater picture. Once you’ve got a good understanding of gardening, you can enter the world of landscaping.

Pick your garden

Time to step ahead and determine what type of garden is best for you. Choices come in all shapes and sizes. There are container gardens, flower gardens, herb gardens, organic garden, water gardens, vegetable gardens, raised gardens and more. They represent some of the most common garden and landscaping concepts. The beauty in this art is you can make it unique by combining several primary garden styles to create a new landscape.

Basic steps

Basic advice for beginners  is to pick between annuals (which grow for only one season) and perennials (which grow for three or more seasons). You should consider the climate of where you live, which can limit your choices. Get to know your soil which can be fertilized with specific compost depending on the plants you choose. Choosing a season is one of the really important things, some flowers are planted on or after the last spring frost date, and some bulb can survive frost if planted in the fall. Most people that know sun and light are the basic components for survival for the majority of plants. You should consider whether you need shade-loving plants or direct sun-loving plants. Make sure you pay attention to diameters and heights of each plant to determine where it fits in your garden plan. Last but not the least Рmake sure you have the right tools in your shed. These includes a spade, digging fork, shovel, lopper and wheelbarrow to start with.